Since October 2008, Pepe&Con Srl with the futuristic design Digital Mosaic

brought to the fore the ancient art of mosaic, revolutionizing the creative perspectives. Digital Mosaic combines the traditional technique mosaicistica an innovative system based on the most modern digital technologies, making it’s possible to create an infinite number of solutions in form and color scanning.

salvatoreFrom the knowledge of materials and passion for architecture Salvatore Pepe  – Strong’s years of experience in the field of resins and digital printing – did this unprecedented industrial production of unique works.

The company creates mosaics of all sizes 100% customizable, starting from a digital image selected by the customer and developed a unique software designed by Pepe&Con, thus offering the opportunity to enrich, modify and create any type of environment.

Special technique developed by Pepe&Con through a technological process that decomposes a digital image of departure for printing on fabrics in resin film, the minimum size of 2x2cm, which, like a giant puzzle and go on to reconstruct the image Home. Each card, with a portion of the corresponding image will then be numbered to allow installers to place them in the correct position, in a simple and fast.
The resin film is perfectly suited to the texture of the wall target, corners or bends, which the traditional mosaic could not be supported. Personal space becomes not only due to the reproduction of the image itself, but also in choosing and adapting to their tastes and their media, shapes, distances, and even the content of the digital mosaic tiles, which can be enriched with elements such as Swarovski , gold, coffee, decorative stones and minerals.

From the first exhibition to present Hostelco in Barcelona in October 2008, the brand was immediately recognizable. A success cemented by fruitful collaborations with architects and companies such as:

  • Costagroup,
  • Roberto Semprini,
  • Maurizio Favetta,
  • Alberto Apostoli,
  • Barbara Branciforti,
  • Davide D’agostino
  • Gianni Veneziano.

From the production site – Gravina in Puglia (Bari) – the company has become known internationally through an extensive presence at events and fairs in the world.

In April, the company has distinguished itself at the Salone del Mobile  2010 where the company has been a partner of some events fuorisalone. He recently participated in major trade shows in Tunisia and Porogallo and is ready to tackle new and exciting international events in the coming months.

Of importance is the realization of the bathrooms at the Biennale di Venezia 2010; installation designed by the Arch. Cammarata mosaic that has the magnificent etchings by the artist Paolo Fraternali.

Pepe&con srl is a reality with all our signature Gravina success. The town has a new flagship of Puglia where you can be honored. The image of Apulia that works, producing new ideas, innovative by international caliber, is pursued with passion by its founding members who firmly believe in the possibility of growth and development of the city.

“Promoting development in times of economic recession is the way to revive the fortunes of our country” Salvatore Pepe